Current Project 3rd Person RTS

(No working title yet)

Concept is a 3rd person RTS (Real Time Strategy) in a voxel world. Think of it as a cross between Minecraft, Warriors Games and a RTS game.

I felt something was missing when playing games like Minecraft, Portal Knights and Terraria (games which I thoroughly enjoyed BTW). Gathering materials, crafting and building are fun, but the building seemed like it was for the sake of organizing your materials and crafting workstations. Plus building huge structures was painstaking and did not feel fun to me.

With this game I want to do something different. I want a world that seems alive and a purpose for building. Not just the player’s character surviving, but the player to building an army of workers and soldiers to help them thrive against hordes of enemies.

Note: All assets in the videos are placeholders and will not be updated until the game play mechanics are sorted out and are fun!

Here is an older video showing the player’s character fighting a horde of enemies.